1. Check United Way
  2. Negotiate with a homeowner to pay less rent the first couple of months. Then pay the difference in the last or remaining months.
  3. We Serve Moms is looking for help. Place posts on Social media like Facebook, and Twitter. Explain that We Serve Moms accepts donated real estate to help homeless single parents.
  4. Put youtube videos in posts.
  5. Look for local nonprofits in your area that helps the homeless and single parents.
  6. Start a Fundraiser on Facebook for We Serve Moms. Put your name in the Tell us your story. We will give you 50% of donations. Contact us @ [email protected]  for more info or go to our Facebook Fundraising page.
  7. Start connecting with other Moms in your area. Help each other and watch their children while they go to work and they will watch yours as you go to work. Find a home where you can share expenses.
  8. Go to your local Mayor and elected officials and ask them what they are doing for the homeless ans single parents struggling in their city.
  9. We Serve Moms is looking to expand nationwide. Soon you will be able to start a We Serve Moms chapter in your local area. 
  10. Continue to think of ways to make your life better. Think of all the Gratitude Moments in your life. Family, Health, Friends, etc. Write about all the Good things that happen to you every day in a book.
  11. Check out these links in your area and see if they have affordable housing. 
  12. Type Affordable housing then your city and see what comes up.
  13. Look for Foundations that are giving grants to individuals.
  14. Please email us with any other suggestions or ideas to help Moms  [email protected]