Donate House to Charity with Mortgage




Donate house with Mortgage

Is it time to Donate house with Mortgage on it?

We Serve Moms a 501c3 accepts donated houses with Mortgages.

We Serve Moms is Combating homelessness by asking those that have unwanted houses with

mortgages to donate them to our homeless single parents and their children.

We Serve Moms accepts All types of real estate with Mortgages.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Land Anywhere in the United States.

Please consider donating your real estate to We Serve Moms.

Contact Our Real Estate Donation 858 529 5014 at the Power of Purpose and tell them We Serve

Moms Sent you.


Amazing outcomes for those that Donate real estate.

Helping a family in need.

Tax Deduction.

Get rid of Management headaches.

Help a Charity fulfill its mission.

It Feels So Good to help others


Donate house with Mortgage

To Donate house with Mortgage.

Call our Real Estate Donation center 858 529 5014 at the Power of Purpose and tell them We Serve Moms Sent you.

We Serve Moms is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization in Orlando, Florida that accepts real estate donations anywhere in the United States to help homeless single moms, dads and their children. 

We Serve Moms Accepts commercial, residential, land, office, industrial, nonperforming assets, condos and more for donations.

If you would like to help us please tell everyone that we accept donated real estate anywhere in the United States and send them to We also accept cash donations.


Pete Gurdal

Executive Director 

We Serve Moms   

Orlando, Florida

Our next project that we are working on is a boarding school for Moms and soon to be Moms.

We want to build a facility that houses and then allows them to go to school near their children.

We will be starting our project in the middle of 2018.